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        What the Misses Lore did not know in 1950 was that each of the three pioneer Morrison brothers were baptized as infants in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland.  Also, their parents were married there in 1725.  These marriage and baptismal dates and details are included in the introduction of each of our three books, as well as a history of Argyllshire and crofts on which Morrisons were tenants in Campbeltown in 1694.  With the assistance of a local historian in Campbeltown, we were able to identify the farm on which the mother of the three pioneer brothers lived in Southend, Scotland.

        When our Morrison genealogies were published in 1996, Rocky River Morrison descendants were living in at least 38 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, and England.

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Each of our three Morrison genealogies is still available and can be ordered from us via Paypal.
        Welcome to my website. My sister, Marie Morrison, and I published three Morrison genealogies in 1996. We set out to publish an update to The Morrison Family of the Rocky River Settlement in North Carolina, which compiled by the Misses Adelaide and Eugenia Lore and published in 1950. 


        Since the 1950 book was out-of-print, we decided to repeat its contents in our book.  This, along with the abundance of information we had been given, necessitated our publishing separate books for each of the three pioneer Morrison couples that came from Campbeltown, Scotland, and settled in the Rocky River section of present-day Cabarrus County, North Carolina in the 1760s.